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Beer Quest West has arrived!

Beer Quest West: The Craft Brewers of Alberta and British Columbia has been officially released! You can get it direct from the publisher at TouchWood Editions or you can pick it up at your local bookseller!

If you’d like to get in on the action, drop by the book launch in Edmonton:

April 14th, 2011 @ Alley Kat Brewing Company, 9929-60th Ave., Edmonton

Alley Kat is the longest running brewery in Edmonton and the fourth oldest brewery in Alberta. They’ll be offering up their four signature brews at their cash bar, and you can pick up your copy of Beer Quest West. Don’t forget to get it signed by author Jon Stott, who will be in attendance.

Stay tuned for more!


WELCOME to Beer Quest West

Welcome to Beer Quest West, a website to compliment the upcoming print guidebook, Beer Quest West: The Craft Brewers of Alberta and British Columbia. Here, you will find updates and exciting news relating to the breweries discussed in Beer Quest West and reviews or news about beer in Alberta and British Columbia. Stay tuned, because this blog is set to launch in March 2011, with the print release of Beer Quest West.

Beer Quest West: The Crafter Brewers of Alberta and British Columbia.

It’s no secret that Canadians love beer, and in the western provinces, the large number of successful microbreweries continues to prove that distinct beer—high-quality beer—is important to our national pint-lovers. Beer Quest West is for homebrewers and beer aficionados alike: this is your guide to the best of the west.

Alberta and British Columbia are host to over seventy microbreweries, and that number is increasing every year. In this comprehensive field guide, each brewery is fully described, complete with location, the story of the brewery, profiles of the faces behind the brew, and of course, their core list of beers. Terminology is explained, and author Jon Stott discusses the grain-to-glass process and the many different beer styles produced in the western provinces. Whether you favour an IPA, a lager, a porter or stout, you’ll find your pint between the pages of Beer Quest West.

Author Jon Stott has enjoyed a long career teaching English at the university level, and occasionally after class, he’d hit the pub with his colleagues for a pint. His other interests include writing about children’s literature and sports. His latest publications include A Book of Tricksters and Ice Warriors. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

Beer Quest West will be released March 2011. Go to for more information or to pre-order your copy today!